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Colors: Nightsky and Moonlight
34”w x 72” long in fully reclined position
Weight 210 lbs
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Customer made testimonial, thank you!


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Welcome to the new way to work.

The Altwork Station is an all-in-one solution that moves with you. Press a button to use your computer while sitting, standing, collaborating or in a reclined focus position—including a zero gravity option with the monitor above. For decades, sitting at work was standard; with Altwork, any position can be standard. You choose.

Our goal is to empower high-intensity computer users to be more productive and creative through greater workplace comfort and health. We know a workstation won’t put a human on mars, stop climate change, or cure cancer—but it’s our hope that we can provide a tool that will help the people accomplishing world-changing feats to get there faster by making them more productive, comfortable and healthy in their work.

We believe it’s time to move beyond obsolete tables and chairs that constrain our creativity and diminish our health.
We believe it’s time computers adapt to us, instead of challenging our bodies to adapt to them.

We believe it’s time for a new way to work.

  • Four Key Positions

    Imagine your dream workspace.

    You would want to sit, stand, recline into a focus position for tackling your toughest work challenges, or even work in a zero gravity position—all while maintaining ergonomic integrity and being comfortable so you can be more productive.

    As engineers, designers, and technologists we believe your work can flow more freely when your computer moves with you throughout your work day.


  • Get in and get it done.

    Traditional desks and chairs treat you like an old typewriter. Everything in the modern workspace has evolved except for how you interface with your computer. Desks and chairs are essentially what they’ve always been, you conform to them, instead of them working with you.

    We’ve designed a better way.


  • Sit down or stand up.

    The Altwork Station features integrated pushbutton controls that deliver seamless, smooth interaction between your body and your computer. Studies show that changing positions throughout the day is better for us.

    Sit, stand, collaborate, or focus/recline—your choice.


  • Call a meeting at your Station.

    Whether sitting, standing, or collaborating with your team by swinging the screen so everyone can see, presentations are a breeze. It’s more than a desk, a chair, or a cubicle. It’s unlike any other workstation.

    Flexible. Mobile. Cool.


  • Glide in to reclined focus.

    The Altwork Station supports your body and your work by seamlessly conforming your keyboard, desk, mouse, and monitor to your body. This allows you to create a massive selection of working positions with your computer so you can work the right way for the right task. Our unique focus position allows high intensity computer users to eliminate the discomfort of standard tables and chairs so they can focus longer on complex tasks. It’s time to move beyond outmoded furniture and create a new way to work for digital professionals.

    From gentle recline to zero gravity.


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    Mixing it up at work is better than only sitting, or only standing, for the whole day. Or, if you want to get specific, Cornell University experts advise that after sitting for 20-30 minutes, stand up for a bit and move around.

  • Just How Dangerous Is Sitting All Day?

    Sitting down, which most of us do for at least eight hours each day, might be the worst thing we do for our health all day. We’ve been preaching the benefits of stand-up desks for a while around here — and no one needs this good news more than…


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