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Excellent for extended periods of intense work

I'm a radiologist who works an overnight shift 10 hours per day for 7 days straight. My back and neck were really starting to ache despite having a sit/stand desk. This chair and the reclining function were instrumental in reducing the pressure off my back and neck. A noticeable difference right off the bat. I feel refreshed and ready even after a work week of 70 hours glued to looking at radiology studies. We did have to think carefully about the weight restrictions on the monitor. My primary monitor needs to be FDA approved and weights 30 lbs for medical imaging. Jeff at Altworks was helpful in verifying my system would work. The equipment itself is heavy and requires two people to assemble. Be prepared to ask for help and dedicating some time to unboxing, assembly, and cabling layout unique to your system. Definitely worth the effort (and price) as I believe this will help minimize long term consequences of a sedentary job. This chair has changed my outlook on my profession and coupled with an active lifestyle, mindset, eating the right foods, etc, I'm confident this chair has greatly extended my career and health.

Best invention for Technology workers

This chair is a lifesaver for me, I work 12 hrs a day in front on my computer screens, as I am on the software industry. Having knee and tendon surgeries, countless hours of chiropractor, I know what it is seating on a regular chair and fighting to stay on a ergonomic posture at all times. Altwork gave me the means to do just that, my legs stays up improving blood flow and circulation, my back stay straight, me eyes at equal distance to the monitors, helping reduce eye strain as well. It is funny that all our business is going to the cloud nowadays, and I feel I work laying in the clouds, enhancing my productivity and my well being. If you work long hours in front a computer, this is a god sent solution, and a conversation starter on any meeting, as I use live cameras and people always ask about it, with how cool it looks and how comfortable I look online. Thank you Altwork for this amazing engineering and innovation.

AltWork Station

Everyone that I worked with, from the Corporation to the installers, were extremely attentive to my particular needs, professional, and efficient.
The work station itself has made all the difference in making my work day less painful. I would highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from any type of paralysis or muscular/skeletal issues.

Altwork Station

I have had my Altwork Station for about six months now. It has functioned flawlessly, and I have been able to be very productive with my work. The back, hip, and sciatica pain I was experiencing working in a seated position have almost entirely resolved. Thank you, Altwork!

Doubled my productivity

I can say that the Altwork solution has been a complete game changer for me. I can tell a massive difference when I'm working in my Altwork Station in my office vs working in other environments.

Well made and comfortable

I really wanted a desk that I could lie down in and work, but everything else was around 10-20k. Even though the altwork station isn't cheap, it's less expensive than the alternative, so I was expecting it to be less well made.
When I received it and put it together and tried it out, I was really impressed by how solid everything felt, how adjustable everything was, and how comfortable the seat was. The seat is quite firm, so you don't feel like sleeping in it, but still enjoy working in it.
At the end of the day, my desk wouldn't lock in place, so I sent an email to the support team and in about a week a guy came and took a look at it, identified the missing part, ordered it, and installed it the next week. I could still use the station in that time by holding the desk up with a rope, so it wasn't too bad, but it certainly wasn't ideal.
Moving the station around the room is easy, although I've found myself wishing the cord was longer and there was some kind of cart attached for my desktop tower, although it might be an add on.
Moving the station to another house is a feat. It's pretty wide, and I put it in a room with a skinnier than normal doorway, so we had to remove the door to get it out, but luckily I didn't have to take everything apart. Carrying it up three sets of stairs was crazy, and I was sure that something would be broken when I tried it again, but I was wrong, yay! Everything worked fine after the move, and I'm again convinced it's well made.

This chair makes me smarter

It's hard to explain, but I'm able to unlock a level of focus and flow in my Altwork that I can't get anywhere else. I'm just able to think and work at a higher level. OK, I admit that I initially bought it for the cool factor. But I'm keeping it because it helps me to accomplish more.

Truly amazing!

It's everything they say it will be, and more! The Altwork have truly revolutionized the way I work and will be a key factor in maintaining a healty body sitting in front of a computer all day. I don't belive words can fully describe the feeling, you have to experience it for yourself!

The Best Investment For My Neck & Business

I have suffered for years with neck issues, and it would limit the amount of work I could do in a day. With my Altwork chair I never want to leave work, I LOVE IT. I can work 12 hours straight and still be really comfortable.
This chair is gonna take my company to 15 mil in rev this year no question this chair is a GAME CHANGER!


I suffered a lumbar disc tear and the Altwork station was critical in my recovery. I was able to avoid surgery partly due to the fact that I could continue to work on a daily basis without loading my lower back.

Love the desk as do all of my medical students.

Excellent piece of engineering, very well made very comfortable. Well worth the wait. Everybody that sees and try's it wants one.

Life Saver

My entire back and shoulders used to hurt by the end of my work day. I was living on Advil. My Altworks desk relieves the pain as soon as I position it. It allows me to work those necessary extra hours. I absolutely love the desk. No regrets at all.

The Best Investment Ever!

We spend half of our lives in bed and almost as much time sitting in a chair at work.

If I’ve learned one thing that’s worth sharing,
Invest in a good bed and invest in a good chair.

My AltWork Station is far more than a good chair.

I LOVE my Altwork workstation!!!

I broke my leg and with the Altwork unit in my office, I am able to work at my computer for hours if needed, without issues. My favorite setting is only slightly reclined with my legs up. It's been wonderfully helpful during my healing process and easier on my back in general. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.