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Fundamentally awesome investment

I've had the luxury of working on an Altwork station for >4 months now. it has boosted my productivity and allowed me to remain comfortable because the station is so ergonomically adaptable.
The availability and caliber of customer support post-purchase have been excellent as well.
This was a considerable financial investment that was not to be taken lightly, and I'm so glad I did. Highly recommend it to others. Hope the company does great!

Still Working in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy Thanks to the Altwork Station

I spend about 40+ hours a week working at a desk in front of two computers. Before using the Altwork Station, working at a desk was difficult because my body would get tired of sitting in one position all day. I am a mom of two with a third on the way, about eight months pregnant. One of the challenges I find in general, even when I'm not pregnant, is that sitting in a traditional task chair makes my hip flexors tight, which pulls on my psoas muscles, creating lower back pain. With pregnancy, that pain is exasperated because of the extra weight, but the Altwork Station allows my knees to be slightly farther away from my torso, opening up my hip flexors. This sitting position has been really helpful since I started using the station. The other thing is with pregnancy, reflux is real, and in a traditional chair, my knees and thighs push on my torso, which makes my reflux worse, but being able to open up my hips and let my belly have room helps with that. I really like that the Altwork Station lets you get into a reclined position with your chest slightly higher than your hips.

I am an accounting consultant most of the time, so I spend a lot of the time at my desk looking at spreadsheets. It's so amazing being able to have the dual monitors so I can bring my spreadsheets from one screen to the other, and they stay at the appropriate height no matter which position I'm in, and that has been a real game-changer for me.

Love it...but a bit more padding would have made it perfect.

Love, love, love my Alt station. It took a "moment" to put it together with some bumps along the way but technical support was great. The only suggestion I have is for the backrest to have more padding. I find it a bit hard as I was used to a very well padded leather chair before.

Signature Altwork Station an ergonomic dream

I would like to start off by saying that the product has been a real boon to my workflow at my WFH office. I love being able to focus in the zone using the slightly reclined position and I also like the option to stand while working / collaborating.

There is plenty of desktop workspace for a keyboard and mouse as well as a iPhone stand using the magnets from the kit provided.

The only issue I’ve had thus far was with a loose cable assembly in the headrest which was swiftly handled by their top notch support person (John).

I look forward to many years of productive / stress free use. Very interested in the future product partnership with Brelyon in the integration of their cutting edge displays mentioned in the Altwork blog.


Great for Tall People

I am 6 foot 4 inches tall and was concerned the desk would not fit me. I have been using the desk for a few months now and it works great! Adjustable to my height and everything within a comfortable reach to do my job.

I was on the fence

I went round and round on buying this workstation. I lamented over the price, the quality, functionality, etc… I finally pulled the trigger on the deal and I have not been disappointed. I transition from sitting to standing / walking workstation with ease. The quality of the product is solid, and since purchasing the pain I used to feel in my back and neck after long sessions at the computer are gone. My only problem was during the assembly. The bolt hole where the seat back attaches to the reclining arm had a burr and was miss threaded. Fortunately I was able to determine the size of the hole and thread pattern so I retapped the thread and it has been smooth sailing ever since. If you are assembling yourself I recommend you check the thread on this critical piece before you mount it on the reclining arm

Necessary to function

For what it is worth, once you order the chair of your choice, having the freedom to move it is vital for any home or office setting. Mine is positioned on my main living room floor, thus allowing me to focus on work and my work from home comfort on a single floor. When I am ready to move it, then these casters will allow for the complete ease and function without trying to break my back moving it. LOVE this company.

The only way to work

When this idea was proposed from my personal assistant, I was certain he was just selling me a gimmick. I needed a way to work after having major neck surgery and after looking at his proposal, I got tempted. Once ordered, it was pretty seamless and arrived quicker than expected. Assembly wasn't difficult at all, and once it was all designed, I was able to start using it. I LOVE IT. Hands down the future of working from home. I will never have another desk. The magnet desk portion is amazing, I have all my different screens and laptop options. Once I am leaned back, I am able to easily complete work with a neck brace. Even after surgery, I do not want to go back to a desk & chair combo. Thanks AltWork!!!

Happy I pulled the trigger.

The workstation is pricey, but worth every penny for me. It has completely eliminated the swelling in my lower extremities and literal “pain in the butt” I had been experiencing as a result of working 10+ hours per day for years. The magic was almost immediate. Service from John to work out a few kinks was patient and professional.

Best way to work

No more back pain! Easy to use! Infinitely customizable! Well-built!

So far so great

I've got degenerative disk disease in my lower back and I work in software so this purchase was bound to happen eventually, but I'm glad I didn't wait any longer. Assembly was as easy as they could have made it and the company was quick to fix one tiny issue I had.
Most impressively, thanks to this desk I have regained the ability to sleep on my side! There's no way it was coincidence; I've had a 5-10 minute maximum duration for being able to lay on my side for the past 4+ years and it went away within two months of getting this desk! I never expected such tangible improvement in my health

Signature Altwork Station

Jeff was really great!

The best purchase I've ever made.

This chair was worth every penny! I'm a psychologist and Covid has me in front of my computer for 10 hours a day. My feet were swelling, my legs hurt, actually everything hurt by the end of the day. With my Altwork, I don't dread going to work anymore -- no more swollen feet, no pain and I love being able to change position in the middle of a session if I want to. This has revolutionized my practice -- I'm comfortable all day! I only wish the swing arm would let me push the computer all the way to the left so I could stay in this chair when I go back to seeing people in person. I was really worried that I'd feel that I wasted money by spending so much on a chair. I am so pleased that I did. Thank you!!!


This is the Tesla of Desks, Amazing!

Signature Altwork Station

Side Table

Side Table


le fauteuil a répondu à toutes les attentes de ma salariée souffrant du dos - meri beaucoup

Awesome side table

While it ended up being a little smaller than I imagined, it matches the AltWork station perfectly.

Awesome chair

I Love this chair. it is by far the best purchase i have made. The reason for the 4 stars is because the instructions need updated. First, the instructions said that the palm rest support is in the base box, but it is not. Also, the instructions say nothing about tie-wraps at all. i thought that my leg rest was broken at first because it wouldn't extend past the first section. it wasn't until i was looking at it from a distance that i noticed the tie-wraps under the leg rest.

Good But...

The monitor mount works fine, but my laptop is too thick to fit comfortably under the pegs. the front of the laptop sits about 2 inches off of the mount.

Good quality but limited functionality

This is beautifully designed and functions as it’s supposed to, unfortunately it doesn’t articulate at all making it just out of arms reach. Having a 16” MacBook Pro with touchbar, I would like to be able to use it without needing to strain in order to reach it. Also be aware of the extra clearance space it will need on the left side of the desk, the original spot I had the chair in was no longer sufficient once I attached the laptop mount.

Thanks for your feedback, Eitan! You're correct - the upper laptop mount was designed to accommodate a laptop as a second monitor but not facilitate keyboard access. In your situation (planning to use touchbar), a side table would likely be a better solution. Please email if you'd like to return your upper laptop mount.

Exactly what I had hoped for

I've been a quest to find a workspace solution that would allow for more than just sit/stand for years. My own crude implementations were barely-functioning static prototypes that, while better than nothing, were embarrassingly unsightly and severely lacking in moving-functionality. When I discovered the Altwork Station, I immediately dismissed it due to the hefty price, but the seed kept growing in my mind. I work on a computer for most of the day and much of my recreation involves a computer as well—how could I justify relegating myself to a workspace experience that is anything less than the highest degree of excellent? So I took the plunge, having never so much as sat in one and I have no regrets. It's really a fantastic design that works flawlessly. I find that I switch positions about 5x a day or so (I prefer reclined positions, generally, but start off standing). Aesthetically, it fit's into my tech-enthusiast decor and is the centerpiece of my office.

Overall, if you work on a computer every day (especially in these pandemic times where we all work from home), it just makes sense if you have the money. I highly support this type of innovative solution and just hope that it becomes more widely available!

over under monitor mount system

It was delivered very quickly. The upper lower mount is big enough to accommodate larger sized monitors, and it feels sturdy. Altwork was nice enough to supply screws with the mount system too!

Excellently designed, great to use, a couple requests for the future

Overall – This desk is outstanding, completely worth the investment, and I honestly recommend it to everyone I know who has to work from home! Thank you for making this.
I purchased this desk because 1) After 3 months of working from home, I was having hip, wrist, elbow, and hand pain. my work is moving to work from home more permanently, and I decided that spending $7k up front was less costly than dealing with disabling & worsening health issues possibly for my whole life. 2) I actually like working in the laying-down position, but it's not ergonomic. This desk fixes that.

The Pros: Man I feel like there are too many to name!

Well designed: My fiance and I (both engineers) were SO impressed by the robust and thoughtful design, allowing for so much customization during use. I like to adjust it a lot, and every position i can be in is comfortable, plus adjusting is SO EASY. I especially love the adjustable bottom half (foot pieces?) - usually companies focus on back and neck adjustments, but your thighs and feet are neglected and you have to create your own solution for them. With this machine, the adjustability of my feet/legs REALLY impacts my comfort level (in a good way!). I don't often say this, but A-friggin-plus on the design!

Pain disappeared after 1 week!: Not only did the pain disappear after a week of using it (seriously, ALL of my pain, even the hip pain that had been occurring 6 months before the work from home orders), even when I was using my home laptop in a non-ergo position one night, the pain didn't immediately return.

Desk + mouse set up wide enough: I have a split keyboard because I actually like for my keyboard to be the width of my shoulders...and then have space for the mouse to the right. The desk by itself, is wider than every keyboard tray I've had, which makes it easy to have a very ergonomic keyboard setup. And because of the magnetic nature of the mouse pad / desk, I actually was able to move my mousepad half-off of the desk to give myself even more mouse space! And it works great. So thank you for making the desk wide enough across that people don't have to compromise any ergonomics

Customer Service was Great: After a couple days of use, I encountered a terrifying crunching sound when laying it all the way back. I chatted to Jeff the service guy, and he actually put me in touch w/ the engineer! We facetimed, and he was able to quickly troubleshoot what was happening. We were able to resolve the issue and I haven't had any issues since. The quickness with which Altwork got me a source matter expert for my puzzling but serious issue was phenomenal. So I very much appreciated that support! Additionally, I appreciate being able to chat to someone rather than having to physically call. So thank you for that

Cool factor: This desk is COOL. It's fun to use (I call it my "space desk"), and it's just, cool. When people think of desks, "interesting" and "cool" aren't words that come to mind. But the pneumatics and its ability to go from laying, to sitting, to standing is just, fun. I video chatted the equipment and mechanical engineers I work with and they were impressed. So thank you for making work a little more fun :) Also, my fiance likes to play a PC space game, and doing it in this desk (it's VR) I think will be AWESOME

Information for consideration about changes, additions, modifications:
1) Biggest Gripe – Construction Instructions-those included were out of date/sometimes difficult to follow, and the only instructional video on your website wasn’t complete
a. Request – Have step-by-step video instructions (that go from unboxing to testing the complete assembly) on your websites, by model. The video was by far the most helpful instructional format. Additionally, don’t include written instructions in the box; keep them on your website, and include just a 1-pager in the boxes that reference this online location
2) Move Mousepad magnetic strip from bottom to top.
a. Reason – I found when docking the mouse to the bottom strip, it would would still flop. So I rotated the mousepad 90Degrees clockwise; the magnetic strip is at the top – ergonomically and functionally, I massively prefer this way
3) Issue: Had trouble w/ keyboard magnets. My Kinesis freestyle 2 keyboard is split and has adjustable angled feet, so the surface area for the magnets to stick to wasn’t enough, and all of them came off the 1st time I tried to move the keyboard. I also didn’t want to opt for a less ergo keyboard option
a. Suggestion for users: I found that by using magnetic bars (4" x 1" x 1/8" thick) were easier for this keyboard type – I positioned those and then let my keyboard feet rest above them. The bars acted as little stoppers/shelf, so even when I tilt my desk all the way back, the keyboard stays in place
4) Issue: I like my split keyboard pretty wide, so it actually covers the desk’s adjustment buttons. I don't use the presets much, so moving the preset #s ...

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