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Side Table
Jonas B.

This is a very nice looking table and its rock solid. Love it.

Altwork Stations from $4950
Jonas B.
Increased productivity

I am very happy with my new Altwork station. My productivity has increased and my body feels fine. It really feels like quality and the support is good.

It takes some time to find out how to use it and find the best positions. It didn’t work with Apples mouse, it was to heavy and fell off even with the dedicated magnetic thing. Now I use Apples trackpad instead, works fine. I would prefer if the sockets were local, now a lot of adapters must be used (in Sweden) with makes it look something like a birds nest, but it’s not a big problem.

The one problem I have is to reach the Macbook to use the fingerprint reader in the bar on top of the keyboard. It’s about 20 cm too far away in reclined positions.
It would be nice if the artwork could do multiple movements simultaneously, it takes a bit to long to go from fully reclined to home.

Altwork Stations from $4950
Sue G.
Why did I wait so long?

I have had my Signature Altwork station now for almost a month and I absolutely love it! I had been looking at it for many years, but always hesitated because of the price. After having another knee surgery and recent back issues, I decided to go ahead and reach out. Jeff was incredibly helpful with all my questions before I purchased, and after it arrived. I can’t believe I waited so long! I can adjust it a lot or just a little when I am working if I start to get uncomfortable being in a static position. I no longer have to get up and walk around every 30 minutes or so. I do, however, wish the table was larger because I use a full wireless keyboard, along with a Wacom tablet, and I had to get a smaller tablet to fit on the table. Other than that, I would not change a thing! It is very well made and looks beautiful in my home office. The dogs love it because now they can get up on my lap while I am working. I highly recommend this product, along with the support from the team at Altwork.

The guys were GREAT! Very thorough. Patient will we tested it out!

Solid mount that works well with chair movement

I would rate 5 stars, but the cable management should have a cover behind the monitor and and the upright cover should have larger capacity allowing more cables to be covered. Also, Laptop mount should sit closer, I’m short and I really like the design but I can’t reach the keyboard, I don’t always connect the laptop on the mount to the keyboard on the desk.

Fantastic crew!

The Snap installers were smart, personable, professional and friendly. They knew their stuff,
They know the AltStation and fit it to my husband to a tee. They were on time, fast and tidy.


bonne qualité

Side Table
Lynn B.
Fabulous side table

The side table works so well with the Altwork station. I’ve got access to the shelves no matter what position I’m in and the castors increase flexibility. Not to mention, having been designed to match the “chair” it looks fantastic.

Side Table
Hector S.
Altwork Side Table

Great materials, solid and super well built…

Altwork Stations from $4950
Albert R.
I love my Altwork station!

I have had five back surgeries and could not work without the Altwork station. I looked at several other products prior to purchasing, but nothing matched the sophistication, ergonomics, and economy of the Altwork.

David L.
High quality, work as expected

Build quality is really solid

Altwork Stations from $4950
Tron S.

Reclining to work has been a huge help with my chronic back pain. I can now focus much better without the constant distraction of pain from sitting or standing. Plus, greatly reducing my daily pain level has been amazing!

Altwork Stations from $4950
David L.
I can concentrate finally

For almost a decade, I was haunted by the constant neck and upper body pain. Work was distracted by the pain. Video gaming wasn't fun anymore. Honestly, a big part of my life was gone because of the pain. Well, I'm glad the pandemic finally pushed me to find a solution. More importantly, there is actually a solution out there. The existence of Altwork itself makes the world a better place. The workstation itself is just such a solid piece of engineering marvel. Everything is high quality, one thing I think it can improve is the material or design of the back rest. Sometime it will get a bit warn if you lay down for too long. One regret I have is not getting the Signature series. If your budget allows it, just go get the signature series.

Altwork Stations from $4950
Rob K.
Well engineered

The Signature Altwork Station is solid and very well engineered. The monitor can be adjusted with four degrees of freedom. The head rest, seat back and the leg rest can also be adjusted in many different directions. There is no slack or loose joints fortunately. Each movable part that is adjustable will stay put. I also like how the desk plate can be adjusted to desired position (up down, closer / away, and angle). The seat itself is the only part that remains stationary.

The only challenge I have is the shape of the chair is too rigid and not conforming to my body (back especially). I ended up buying some memory foam for back and also put a couple of layers underneath my legs. I do still feel a few aches in back after a 4 hour work session (which I don't have when I use a standing desk). It's not perfect, but it gives me a break from standing all day (which is what I did before). But every body is unique and I think overall they've made it very adjustable and done a good job of iterating to make it as perfect as possible. If the shape of the backrest formed better to my back and used memory foam it would have been optimal.

PS I thought I would get sleepy working in a reclined position, but this has not been an issue at all.

Altwork Stations from $4950
Outstanding Desk

I replaced my fully loaded Aeron chair and Herman Miller desk and will not look back. This desk has helped with back pain and hip flexor tightness. The desk also really helps me focus on tasks at hand and work comfortably without being distracted. You will not regret this purchase. Fantastic sales team and customer service as well!

Great work!

The assembly person was very competent and efficient. I would use again!

Altwork Stations from $4950
Brandon W.

Signature Altwork Station

Used it once

After detailed help from Altwork, I easily installed the laptop tray on my workstation. Easier still was placing my laptop securely onto the tray. I take it off and replace it as needed. I still haven't explored using the laptop in that position. It is hard to reach the keyboard, so I have to play with dual displays. I'm hoping to read my journal there while working on the main monitor.

Altwork Stations from $4950
Fundamentally awesome investment

I've had the luxury of working on an Altwork station for >4 months now. it has boosted my productivity and allowed me to remain comfortable because the station is so ergonomically adaptable.
The availability and caliber of customer support post-purchase have been excellent as well.
This was a considerable financial investment that was not to be taken lightly, and I'm so glad I did. Highly recommend it to others. Hope the company does great!

Altwork Stations from $4950
Natasha C.
Still Working in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy Thanks to the Altwork Station

I spend about 40+ hours a week working at a desk in front of two computers. Before using the Altwork Station, working at a desk was difficult because my body would get tired of sitting in one position all day. I am a mom of two with a third on the way, about eight months pregnant. One of the challenges I find in general, even when I'm not pregnant, is that sitting in a traditional task chair makes my hip flexors tight, which pulls on my psoas muscles, creating lower back pain. With pregnancy, that pain is exasperated because of the extra weight, but the Altwork Station allows my knees to be slightly farther away from my torso, opening up my hip flexors. This sitting position has been really helpful since I started using the station. The other thing is with pregnancy, reflux is real, and in a traditional chair, my knees and thighs push on my torso, which makes my reflux worse, but being able to open up my hips and let my belly have room helps with that. I really like that the Altwork Station lets you get into a reclined position with your chest slightly higher than your hips.

I am an accounting consultant most of the time, so I spend a lot of the time at my desk looking at spreadsheets. It's so amazing being able to have the dual monitors so I can bring my spreadsheets from one screen to the other, and they stay at the appropriate height no matter which position I'm in, and that has been a real game-changer for me.

Monitor Mount Systems
Anne-Marie V.
Love it...but a bit more padding would have made it perfect.

Love, love, love my Alt station. It took a "moment" to put it together with some bumps along the way but technical support was great. The only suggestion I have is for the backrest to have more padding. I find it a bit hard as I was used to a very well padded leather chair before.

Altwork Stations from $4950
Scott K.
Signature Altwork Station an ergonomic dream

I would like to start off by saying that the product has been a real boon to my workflow at my WFH office. I love being able to focus in the zone using the slightly reclined position and I also like the option to stand while working / collaborating.

There is plenty of desktop workspace for a keyboard and mouse as well as a iPhone stand using the magnets from the kit provided.

The only issue I’ve had thus far was with a loose cable assembly in the headrest which was swiftly handled by their top notch support person (John).

I look forward to many years of productive / stress free use. Very interested in the future product partnership with Brelyon in the integration of their cutting edge displays mentioned in the Altwork blog.


Altwork Stations from $4950
Jimmy H.
Great for Tall People

I am 6 foot 4 inches tall and was concerned the desk would not fit me. I have been using the desk for a few months now and it works great! Adjustable to my height and everything within a comfortable reach to do my job.

Altwork Stations from $4950
Terry S.
I was on the fence

I went round and round on buying this workstation. I lamented over the price, the quality, functionality, etc… I finally pulled the trigger on the deal and I have not been disappointed. I transition from sitting to standing / walking workstation with ease. The quality of the product is solid, and since purchasing the pain I used to feel in my back and neck after long sessions at the computer are gone. My only problem was during the assembly. The bolt hole where the seat back attaches to the reclining arm had a burr and was miss threaded. Fortunately I was able to determine the size of the hole and thread pattern so I retapped the thread and it has been smooth sailing ever since. If you are assembling yourself I recommend you check the thread on this critical piece before you mount it on the reclining arm

Louise H.
Necessary to function

For what it is worth, once you order the chair of your choice, having the freedom to move it is vital for any home or office setting. Mine is positioned on my main living room floor, thus allowing me to focus on work and my work from home comfort on a single floor. When I am ready to move it, then these casters will allow for the complete ease and function without trying to break my back moving it. LOVE this company.

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