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Life Saver

Altwork made it possible for me to get back to work! I know it will do the same for me after my back surgery b as well. Jeff was amazing!!!!

Solid laptop mount, but a little far away

The laptop mount is very solid and holds my laptop safely and securely. My only complaint is the laptop is a bit far away from me, such that it's a stretch to use its keyboard, and this means it takes up a fair amount of space to the left of the workstation.

Exactly what I needed for my back/nerve pain

I have been using the desk for about 2 months now and it has helped me tremendously. I alternate between partially and fully reclined throughout the day to take pressure off my spine and its very comfortable. I found the seat to be a bit hard for my liking so I added an additional cushion for additional comfort. It also took a bit to get the right setup with cabling and laptop but I ended up buying a PC wall mount and have the chair next to it.

Monitor Mount

I love the chair and the monitor mount is convenient with the exception of being able to adjust it further away from me if I choose. It is currently a little close for comfort with my larger screen and my eyes get very tired quickly

Very friendly and timely support but room to improve

My assembler was very timely and had great communication. The station was setup after he found a part not working and came back to repair it the next day. After he left, I went to use it and found loud clicking noise which I told him about right away and he directed me to customer support which gave me instructions on how to disassemble and grease the gears. I escalated and he came back to fix with another engineer. It would have been better if he would have tested the unit before leaving the first time and ensured he left me with a functioning unit.

Artwork Signature

I am loving this new chair/ work center. The online directions and the way it was packaged made it easy to put together. The one thing I wish I could do is push the monitor mount further away from me that it currently allows.

Tumbler holder

For the price it should have come with a tumbler

Laptop Mount Is Perfect for my 16" MacBook Pro

This laptop mount is built like a tank, just like the rest of the Altwork station. None of their stuff is inexpensive, but you can always tell why their stuff costs what it does. Happy to pay for quality.

Love Altwork!

Don't mean to sound like a commercial...but my Altwork Station has truly been life changing

I've had the Altwork Station over 3 months now. I can now work comfortably without paid for hours at a time. Prior to the Altwork Station, I would experience back and hip pain when working when both sitting and standing. It truly has been life changing! Thanks.

Best service ever!!

Guys ! Your staff are amazing!

Tumbler Holder

It works great if you don't have a laptop mount.
The laptop mount is right over the tumbled holder and it is very difficult to get the cup out if reclined.
The cup holder is just a little to small to fit a normal size mug, which is a bummer because usually I drink my coffee in a normal mug and not my to-go mug.

This saves my neck (and my job)!

I have a medical condition which makes my neck and back hurt constantly, and which makes my blood pool in my legs when sitting or standing. With the Altwork System this is much better: my neck has great support and my legs are up in a comfortable way, even when sitting in an almost upright position.
This was also the only brand I could test out locally, and Jeff, the sales person, was incredibly helpful and honest about the features. Everyone was really helpful and easy to work with. I highly recommend this for anyone that has medical needs and still wants to get a job done using their computer!

Very Good

No real complaints. It would be nice to see a desk that doesn't stain so easly and potentially a faster return to home setting as sometimes I can miss a delivery by the time the desk returns to the home position.

Love it but..

It is very right-handed, not so good for 15% of the population. The mouse mat sits over the controls for the chair so always have to be moved to use them and using the mat sideways really does not work. Otherwise, brilliant.

Great design and quality

I love it. I thought about buying something else, but this tumbler is just perfect and beautiful. Thanks-

The future of work

I have been using my station for the last 6 months, and I could not imagine going back to my old desk... Altwork, congrats for the wonderful design!

Great service

The scheduling people were on the ball and the assembly person got the job finished quickly and flawlessly. I really don't see how I could've done the assembly myself.

Great for lumbar spine injuries modulo some adjustments

First of all, let me express my immense gratitude to the Altwork people for designing and building this chair, which has been a lifesaver for me, and I would like to encourage them to continue improving its design. I work in tech and I know so many people who have lumbar spine problems and I feel like if they used something like the Altwork station, many of those spine issues could've been avoided.

I'm giving the chair 4 stars for two relatively minor reasons:
1- The chair came with really strong magnets for holding up the mouse and the keyboard, but what was less than perfect was the adhesive on those magnets. So, I had to buy some super glue to attach the magnets: one bit of advice is to get a bottle that comes with a brush (like a nail polish). Also, if you're going to be working horizontally for long hours, you might want to use a stationary mouse like Logitech ERGO M575.
2- If you have a serious lower back injury like me and you want to work lying down, then the gap between the backrest and the seat might cause you a lot of pain: one solution to this is to jam a memory foam cushion between the two. What worked well for me was a "Memory Foam Half Moon Bolster Pillow" that I got from Home Depot, although you can buy it from many other stores. What's good about this bolster pillow is that one side of it is flat and that's the side that my back rests on. I also put another one these bolster pillows under my knees, which has been really helpful.

Thanks again for making this chair!

Life changing

Have lower back pain, the desk has massively help, and ment I can go back to work

Great for injuries and as an everyday regular desk

I bought the Altwork Flex because I had surgery on my leg and could not sit in a regular chair. I found that it is so ergonomic I still use it even though my leg has healed.

Life changing!

I used to finish work completely tense and achy. My neck and back would be so stiff it would ruin my mood and make it difficult to do certain activities. Just a few days after using the Altwork there is no more stiffness and I’ve been able to stay focused much longer without needing to stretch as much. It’s also been great through recovering from spinal surgery and has given me the means to continue working through my recovery! Totally worth the investment for my physical and mental well-being!

A life saver

With my back condition, I have no options for surgery, but after I got my Altwork Station, I discovered that I could position the chair to decompress my lower back. Now working eight hours at my computer, I get refreshed, as though I had a message on my lower back! My friend just had a $30k back surgery; I’ll take my Altwork Station over that any day. Thank you Altwork!

Best Way To Work

I love my workstation. I highly recommend getting a wide screen curved monitor to go with it. But the work experience is great. I move around multiple times a day from siting to reclining to standing. Plus the overall station takes up less room in my office then my old desk did. I looked at a lot of competitive products. I believe that Altwork has two big benefits over them. It is very solidly made but still a much better price point then the other solid stations. It also is much easier to move if necessary than the other solid stations, many of which take multiple people to move. Anything that is a lower price point is not nearly the same quality as Altwork. So I would obvioulsy highly recommend this product. I would also say the Signature station is definitely worth the extra money.

I can work again!!

This setup is perfect for me. I needed the ability to change how I sit/recline by very small increments - not just choose from 4 pre-set positions. When I told my (only, part time) assistant how much I was spending, he flipped out and started showing me a bunch of other setups. I explained that an inch in the wrong direction can make a huge difference in whether I can walk well the next day.

Honestly, it was way out of my budget, but I'm self employed and can't afford NOT to work. If I turn down work, my clients will go elsewhere, and I'll lose a lot more than the cost of the chair!

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