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Good quality but limited functionality
Thanks for your feedback, Eitan! You're correct - the upper laptop mount was designed to accommodate a laptop as a second monitor but not facilitate keyboard access. In your situation (planning to use touchbar), a side table would likely be a better solution. Please email if you'd like to return your upper laptop mount.
Exactly what I had hoped for
over under monitor mount system
Excellently designed, great to use, a couple requests for the future
Incredibly Awesome Product
Signature Altwork Station
Great product!!!
love the chair, can focus more for longer periods of time.
I don't know!
Some initial bugs but easily solved given excellent customer service
Good system, great customer service
Happy Back
An unbelievable, life-changing product
Works well for those that need accommodation
Everything it claims to be and MORE!!
World’s Best Work Station
Great Buy, Especially During Discount Period