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Altwork Monitor Mount Systems

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Use a laptop or multiple monitors for more screen area. Choose from a side laptop mount, side monitor mount, side-by-side monitor mount, upper-lower monitor mount, or triple monitor mount. 

Quick-release mount that allows a laptop to be utilized as a second screen.

Works with 11″ to 17.3″ laptops (MacBook & PC).

Not compatible with the Side-by-Side Mount nor the Side Monitor Mount as they would interfere with each other. Monitors over 36″ may interfere with laptop mount as well. 

Allows an additional monitor to be mounted on the left side of the Altwork Station.

Total monitor weight allowed is 40 pounds.

The Side Monitor Mount cannot be used with the Laptop Mount.

Mount two monitors up to 27 inches in the side-by-side configuration for more viewable screen area.

The dual screens can still be adjusted in depth, height, rotation and allow for collaboration mode.

Mounts to the native single monitor mount on the Altwork Station and can be removed to allow the Station to return to single monitor mode as needed.

Not compatible with the Upper Laptop Mount, Side Monitor Mount or Laptop Mount as they would interfere with each other.

Mount two monitors, stacked vertically for more viewable screen real estate.

Allows 2 VESA mount (100×100) monitors to be mounted on top of each other for greater screen area.

Allows for easy up/down eye movement when used in the full reclined position.

Mounts to the native single monitor mount on the Altwork Station and can be removed to allow the Station to return to single monitor mode as needed.

40 pounds of total monitor weight is allowed over all mounts. 

The Upper-Lower Monitor Mount is compatible with most 27-32 inch monitors and can be used with either the Upper Laptop Mount or the Side Monitor Mount.


Mount three monitors up to 27" in the side-by-side-by-side configuration for optimal screen real estate.

Mounted via the industry standard 100×100mm or 75X75mm. The monitors can be adjusted in depth, height, and rotation.

Mounts to the native single monitor mount on the Altwork Station and can be removed to allow the Station to return to single monitor mode as needed.

Total monitor weight allowance of 40 pounds. 

Triple Monitor Mount cannot be used with the Laptop Mount or any other monitor mount as they would interfere with each other.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Lily B.
Solid laptop mount, but a little far away

The laptop mount is very solid and holds my laptop safely and securely. My only complaint is the laptop is a bit far away from me, such that it's a stretch to use its keyboard, and this means it takes up a fair amount of space to the left of the workstation.

David B.
Monitor Mount

I love the chair and the monitor mount is convenient with the exception of being able to adjust it further away from me if I choose. It is currently a little close for comfort with my larger screen and my eyes get very tired quickly

Curtis S.
Laptop Mount Is Perfect for my 16" MacBook Pro

This laptop mount is built like a tank, just like the rest of the Altwork station. None of their stuff is inexpensive, but you can always tell why their stuff costs what it does. Happy to pay for quality.

Philip G.
Don't mean to sound like a commercial...but my Altwork Station has truly been life changing

I've had the Altwork Station over 3 months now. I can now work comfortably without paid for hours at a time. Prior to the Altwork Station, I would experience back and hip pain when working when both sitting and standing. It truly has been life changing! Thanks.

Liz B.
This saves my neck (and my job)!

I have a medical condition which makes my neck and back hurt constantly, and which makes my blood pool in my legs when sitting or standing. With the Altwork System this is much better: my neck has great support and my legs are up in a comfortable way, even when sitting in an almost upright position.
This was also the only brand I could test out locally, and Jeff, the sales person, was incredibly helpful and honest about the features. Everyone was really helpful and easy to work with. I highly recommend this for anyone that has medical needs and still wants to get a job done using their computer!