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Altwork TruVue


TruVue Video Conferencing Station

Look your best while the Altwork TruVue Video Conferencing Station (VCS) elevates the way you work from home. Improve your appearance on your video calls with hybrid or remote work using the innovative station with premium LED Lighting and mult-functional Webcam Mount. The Altwork TruVue attaches directly to the back of your monitor, taking up no extra desk space. Easily stow away your lights behind your monitor once done using. 

The Altwork TruVue is not only limited to computer monitors, you can use the innovative station paired with your laptop on the go, with the Altwork TruVue accessories: The TruVue Desk Stand and Laptop Tray! 


  • Adjustable Camera Mount: Compatible with all standard webcams. Achieve perfect eye contact, say goodbye to laptop chin forever! The most innovative design of webcam stands allows the camera to tilt vertically 180-deg (Straight up to Straight down) and slide as far as 7” down in front of your screen. 
  • Teleprompter use: Often used like a teleprompter allowing you to read on your screen while maintaining eye contact.
  • Desk View Option: Allows for collaborative sharing by simply tilting the camera down towards your desk. With the desk view, easily share your desk notes, sketches or objects. 
  • LED Lights with Adjustable Brightness & Color Temperature: Use the remote control to achieve perfect custom lighting from cool to warm, and dimmed to fully bright. 
  • Large Lights: Larger lights help distribute and soften the light, reducing the strain on your eyes. They're great for providing ample illumination without causing discomfort, especially in contrast to smaller, more concentrated lights that can create glare or harsh brightness.
  • Easy Stow Away: Simply stow lights compactly behind your monitor with ease. VCS comes with 6 additional ¼-20 mounting points built in to add your microphone, speakers, other cameras and more. 

    Tru Vue Specifications

    Lighting solution and webcam mounting system designed to attach to most monitors with an integrated VESA mount including monitors on Altwork Stations.

    Mounting frame and hardware

    • Attaches to monitors with standard 75x75 and 100x100 VESA screw locations
    • (4) M4 mounting screws for mounting to your Altwork Station of other VESA mount
    • Includes P2 screwdriver for assembly (No other tools required)

    Lighting system with 2 LED panels and manual reset/control switch
    • LED panel size 6-1/4” x 9”
    • 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
    • Weighs 4.5 pounds

    Lighting remote
    • Turns lights on/off (Separately or together)
    • Adjusts brightness warm to cold (Separately or together)
    • Adjusts light intensity (Separately or together)
    • 2) AAA batteries (US only)

    Webcam Mount
    • Designed to work for all standard webcams
    Webcam mounts with standard 1/4-20 screw or adhesive tape (included)
    • 6” Webcam vertical travel from top of screen
    • Retracts out of view above the monitor
    • Flips down for desk view

    Does Not include:
    • Monitor/Computer
    • Webcam
    • TruVue- Desk Stand
    • TruVue- Laptop Tray

    TruVue - Desk Stand Accessory Specifications

    Desk Stand and assembly hardware - two optional assembly configurations to accommodate most standard  monitor/computers including

    • iMac
    • Microsoft Surface Studio
    • Most standard desk mounted monitors up to ~XX inches (24” tall height includes desk stand supplied with monitor)
    • Weighs 6.75 pounds

    Sold separately as an accessory for TruVue-VCS, allows for use on a flat desk or table mounted monitor.

    Does Not include:

    • TruVue-VCS
    • Webcam
    • TruVue- Laptop Tray
    • Monitor/Computer

    TruVue - Laptop Tray Accessory Specifications

    Sold separately as an accessory for TruVue Desk Stand, allows for use with most laptop computers.


    • Laptop Tray and assembly hardware

     Does Not include:

    • TruVue-VCS
    • Webcam
    • TruVue- Desk Stand
    • Monitor/Computer


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    The Altwork TruVue Video Conferencing Station comes with a 1 year on electrical components and three-year limited warranty.


    Returns - We accept returns for a full refund within 30 days of product receipt. Buyer is responsible for return shipping. Items must be returned in original packaging and free from damage or wear. 


    Shipping - Shipping will be calculated at check-out. Customers outside the U.S. are responsible for all customs fees and import taxes including VAT.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Jessica A.
    Better than I imagined

    I had been wanting the Signature Altwork Station for years as I thought it might help reduce the pain I experience from a herniated disc while sitting at a traditional desk. I finally took the plunge recently when a great promotion was offered. I clearly thought it would be wonderful but I can’t believe how much easier it is to get work done and stay focused when I’m not in pain. I wish I had gotten it sooner!

    Another C.
    Darkness comes to light with TrueVue

    With remote work being the norm, need to look your best, and TrueVue does not disappoint. Quality materials, adjustable lights, can change the hue (warm or cool). This was a much needed accessory for anyone that does a lot of meetings/presentations and need to look their best. I use it every time my camera is online. Whether presenting to stakeholders or auditioning reading lines for a particular acting role, TrueVue makes sure you are shown in the best light!

    MILES E.
    Near perfect lighting solution for video calls

    Yes, it's expensive, but it's the best lighting solution on the market for video calls. The lighting is full, satisfying, and infinitely adjustable. Being able to position the camera in the middle of the screen is an unusual feature, too, and it works naturally.