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How The Altwork Station Changed My Gaming Experience - Altwork

How The Altwork Station Changed My Gaming Experience

Author: David Brooke, Co-founder of Homunkulus

As an avid gamer/video game developer, I spend a significant amount of time at the computer, so when I decided I needed a new desk setup, I wanted the best. The search was on. I've always been a believer in the "buy once, buy right" mentality when it comes to big purchases. As an example, I invested in a high-quality mattress and pillows because we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Shouldn’t the; same logic apply to our work environment?

My prior setup consisted of an exercise ball for a chair and an adjustable height desk. When I saw the Altwork Station, it seemed like the Swiss army knife of workstations. A standing desk, a chair, a bed - a conversation starter - all in one! I ordered the Signature Station and right away I could tell it was designed with incredible attention to detail. The Station is fully adjustable, designed to provide your body with ideal ergonomic support and comfort. The amount of micro-adjustments available is, quite frankly, impressive. 

Over time, my Altwork Station has started to feel less like a workstation and more like a cocoon. There are times when emerging from it is similar to waking up from a nap. I feel refreshed and energized.

Initially, I thought this would mainly be my new workstation, but it has made gaming so much more fun. The combination of the Altwork Station and my curved 34" 4k monitor allows me to feel like I am actually IN the game. It is quite possible I will spend another third of my life attached to my Altwork Station.


Guest Author Bio: Co-founder of Homunkulus, a small indie game studio based out of Sonoma County, California. Lover of redwoods, coastal fog, and anything that goes fast.

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