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Brelyon and Altwork Announce Work-From-Home Portal - Altwork

Brelyon and Altwork Announce Work-From-Home Portal

altwork x brelyon


San Mateo, CA – October 6, 2020 — Brelyon and Altwork today announced a strategic marketing partnership under which the companies will jointly develop and promote an all-in-one workstation mounted display, with a focus on the professional work-from-home market.

The agreement builds on Brelyon’s mission to expand its business through strategic growth initiatives that capitalize on its unique display and to partner with leading companies that can deliver new and exciting embodiments of its technology. For Altwork, the agreement is part of their ongoing commitment to create, in no uncertain terms, the very best way to work with a computer.

"Altwork is a natural fit for our immersive display technology," said Barmak Heshmat, CEO of Brelyon. "Brelyon remains focused on partnering with other sectors of the productivity and gaming ecosystems, and we believe Altwork will be a strong strategic marketing partner in these efforts.”

"Brelyon has raised the bar for immersive displays; it is truly remarkable technology," said Che Voigt, CEO of Altwork. "When combined with our workstation, it is an incredible experience. Imagine being able to have the equivalent of 6 large displays in a workstation that can go from standing to sitting to recline but only take up a 3 by 6-foot space in your house!”

The integrated workstation will feature Altwork’s unparalleled ergonomic design, which allows your computer to move with your body, and Brelyon’s revolutionary display technology, which renders a 122” image positioned five feet away from the viewer.

“Altwork has created the most comfortable way to work with your display,” said Heshmat. “Coupled with our unique display technology, which produces monocular depth and reduces eye fatigue, this workstation will be like a supercar of displays at your disposal.”

“In the initial development of the Altwork technology, we knew we wanted people to be able to upgrade their workstations with future technology that we couldn’t imagine at that time,” said Voigt. “The Brelyon display is exactly what we were hoping for. Something compact that offers a complete immersive experience in complete comfort.”

The companies intend to begin pre-sales of the integrated workstations in the fall of 2020, with an expected delivery date of the summer of 2021 for the display.


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