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Altwork Station in Real Home Not Taking Up Space

Compact Comfort: The Altwork Station in Limited Spaces

The Altwork Station is an innovative workstation designed for seamless transitions between sitting, standing, and reclining positions, maximizing comfort and productivity. It combines ergonomic design with adaptability, offering users a versatile workspace within a remarkably compact footprint. Research has shown Altwork Stations to be a great tool for reducing pain while working at a desk.

Some customers considering an Altwork Signature Station to reduce pain and discomfort while working have expressed concern about how much space an Altwork Station would take up in their home. We hear this frequently from customers living in urban areas like New York and San Francisco where space is at a premium. The great news is that an Altwork Station does not take up more space than a traditional desk & chair.

Traditional Desk with a Chair:
A small 4-foot-wide desk often requires a total of 24 square feet, factoring in the space needed for a chair to move around. Scaling up to a traditional 5-foot-wide desk extends the requirement to 30 square feet.

Altwork Station:
An Altwork Station comfortably fits within a 3’ by 6’ floor space when fully reclined, or just 18 square feet. If used as a standing desk, a small amount of space may be needed to the side where the user stands.

Customers who opt for a monitor mount that will accommodate multiple monitors may need a little extra space. An Altwork station can be equipped with as large as a Triple Monitor Mount that can hold 3 monitors up to 27” wide. The exact amount of extra floor space depends on the specific monitors selected.

The pictures below are from real customers.

Standing Position

Altwork Station Standing Mode Small Footprint

Altwork Station Standing Desk Does not Take Much Space

Reclined Position

Altwork Station Reclined in a Small Space

Altwork Zero Gravity Desk and Chair

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