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Work in Comfort During Pregnancy - Altwork

Work in Comfort During Pregnancy

Author: Natasha Castelli


Prior to using an Altwork Station, I was working at my parent’s dining room table for a couple of weeks to quarantine together through the holidays. My legs were falling asleep; I couldn’t get comfortable, not to mention my posture was a mess. I was counting down the days until I could start using the Altwork Station. 

I am 8 months pregnant with my 3rd baby and am at the point where my body is slowing down, and I can feel the pressure of all the extra weight. The first few days at the Altwork Station felt like such a luxury. Being able to lay down, spread my legs out while working with my double monitors was such a gift. The zero gravity position made me feel like I was enjoying some much needed R&R, all while still being laser-focused on work. 

I am an accounting consultant currently juggling four different clients during the busiest time of the year, so there is no slowing down for me just because I have a baby on the way. Not to mention I have a pretty hard deadline to complete all these client projects! I am still learning all the adjustments and what positions work best for me. But, I enjoy being able to change positions throughout the day. I usually switch between two of my favorite positions:

  1. Slightly lounged back, which works best for work calls where it doesn’t feel professional to be essentially laying all the way down.
  2. The zero gravity position makes me feel like I am lying on a lounge chair. My chest is elevated enough to keep my reflux at bay (although I usually don’t use this position right after meals for that reason). Fun fact - I take some calls in this position with people that I have a more casual relationship with, and it usually leads to a fun conversation about becoming an astronaut and being ready for lift-off ;-)

One immediate benefit I have noticed is that my reflux has improved. In a traditional 90-90 task chair, the angle of my legs creates upward pressure on my belly which seems to aggravate my reflux. Being able to have my torso relax against the back of the chair and my legs in front of me at greater than 90 degrees gives my belly extra room, and I have noticed less reflux as a result - a major win in my book!

Tip: It can be a bit hard not to fall asleep in the afternoon slump (especially when you are already struggling to get enough sleep at night), but I found that a little bit of Volo Mocha Chocolate was just the right pick me up around 2-3 pm - easy and delicious solution!


Guest Author Bio: I run my own accounting consulting firm and work with clients primarily remotely (even pre-COVID), so I spend most of my time in front of a computer. I normally teach accounting at the local junior college but am taking this semester off to get started on an online MBA. In my "spare time," I work with my husband on our family coffee roasting company, Wolf Coffee. To balance all this time spent in front of the computer, I also teach Barre at The Dailey Method Healdsburg. When I am not in front of my computer or teaching barre, I am running around (or waddling these days) to try and keep up with my four and two-year-old daughter and son. No rest for this pregnant Momma!

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