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The Altwork Station Allowed Me to Continue Working in My Third Trimester - Altwork

The Altwork Station Allowed Me to Continue Working in My Third Trimester

Author: Natasha Castelli


Comfort While Working

It’s been a month since I first started using the Altwork Signature Station. 

Now that I have been using it for a little while, I have gotten the hang of the various adjustment options to change positions throughout the workday; it’s so easy to adjust the keyboard tray up and down or move it closer or farther away. Being able to change positions throughout the day easily is so essential because, at 36 weeks, I can tell that my body is already preparing to bring this baby into the world, so I am trying to stay off my feet as much as possible. While I am used to working for an extended amount of hours, I am also used to being pretty active in my time off. It’s been nice to have extra mobility and flexibility in my positions while working to help offset the limitations in movement I'm experiencing in the late stage of pregnancy. Additionally, I can feel the Altwork Station eliminating some of the pressure of gravity on the rest of my body. At this point, I am no longer able to sleep or lay comfortably on my back without keeping my chest somewhat elevated, so it’s nice to feel like I can lay down to lounge in the Station with my torso slightly raised to balance out the weight distribution.


Increased Focus

Since the monitors automatically move with me to each position, I’m finding it easier to stay focused. This helps me avoid neck and eye strain while shifting excel spreadsheets and memos from one screen to another. I can’t imagine trying to work with a traditional work setup at this point. The discomfort would be so distracting and require much more frequent breaks to move my body. It feels like the Station is extending the amount of time I can work, which feels crucial as deadlines get closer and my due date is rapidly approaching!

Tip: My midwives mentioned extended periods of time on my back could encourage a baby to be “sunny side up” when the time comes. They recommended 10 minutes a day spent on all 4’s relaxing your core, deep breaths, and maybe some cat/cows to put the baby in a more ideal position. I have just been doing them during the portion of my barre classes that I can’t keep up with anymore. At my last appointment, they confirmed the baby is in the right position! 


Guest Author Bio: I run my own accounting consulting firm and work with clients primarily remotely (even pre-COVID), so I spend most of my time in front of a computer. I normally teach accounting at the local junior college but am taking this semester off to get started on an online MBA. In my "spare time," I work with my husband on our family coffee roasting company, Wolf Coffee. To balance all this time spent in front of the computer, I also teach Barre at The Dailey Method Healdsburg. When I am not in front of my computer or teaching barre, I am running around (or waddling these days) to try and keep up with my four and two-year-old daughter and son. No rest for this pregnant Momma!

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