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Office Chair Reclined for Better Blood Flow

Enhancing Blood Circulation in the Workplace with the Altwork Signature Station

Blood circulation is crucial for delivering oxygen and nutrients to various tissues and for the removal of carbon dioxide and waste products. Optimal circulation is vital for maintaining energy levels, cognitive function, and overall vitality, elements indispensable for productivity and wellness in the workplace. Traditional office settings, with prolonged periods of sitting, pose challenges to our circulatory system, often leading to discomfort, decreased energy levels, and long-term health issues.

Traditional office chairs and desks promote a 90-90 seating posture, positioning the body with right angles at both the hips and knees. This posture significantly impedes blood flow, akin to pinching a water hose, restricting the smooth passage of blood. Such constriction can lead to decreased concentration, fatigue, and other issues over time. Ergonomic researchers have used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to show that a more open posture, specifically a tilt that expands the hip-to-torso angle to 135 degrees will reduce strain on spinal disks and other structures in the back. This adjustment can alleviate compression and facilitate better blood flow.

The Altwork Signature Station is a solution, designed with the circulatory and holistic health of office workers in mind. Unlike traditional seating, the Altwork Station facilitates a seamless transition between various work postures, from standing to sitting, to fully reclined positions. This flexibility is crucial for activating different muscle groups and promoting blood flow, countering the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. By enabling users to effortlessly shift postures, the Altwork Station ensures that blood circulation remains a constant priority.

One of the most distinctive features of the Altwork Station is its ability to enable positions where the feet can be elevated. This posture uses gravity to enhance venous return, optimizing circulatory efficiency. Such positioning relieves pressure on the lower limbs and significantly boosts blood flow back to the heart, ensuring robust circulation that supports sustained energy and focus.

The Altwork Station's adjustability also caters to the needs of the circulatory system. Its desk height can be adjusted to allow a lower placement of the hands relative to the heart, even in reclined positions. This design consideration addresses the issue of reduced blood flow to the extremities, ensuring that the hands and fingertips remain well-oxygenated and free from discomfort.

The Altwork Signature Station enhances your seating experience to promote better blood circulation and prevent future health problems. It adapts to your body's needs providing a unique blend of comfort and support. This ergonomic solution boosts comfort immediately and supports long-term health by reducing risks from prolonged sitting. To learn more about the Altwork Signature Station visit our webpage.

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