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The Best Ergonomic Reclining Desk for working with Back Pain or injury

Altwork workstations are designed for people who are dealing with knee pain, back pain, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and other pain associated with spinal injury or surgery. The ergonomic workstation combines the best office chair with zero gravity and full recline options, all in a unique home office setup that fully integrates your chair, desk, keyboard, laptop and monitor.


Keep your feet on the floor with an adjustable ergonomic experience for sore wrists, arms and shoulders, and use the adjustable leg rest to extend and support sore knees, ankles or feet.


zero gravity

Take the pressure off of sore joints with the zero gravity recline position. From web browsing to intense research projects, this promotes deep focus by keeping you more comfortable.


full recline

For complete relief from spinal pressure associated with back pain, work in full recline while the desk and monitor move with you. The magnetic desk will keep any keyboard and mouse in place.



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