Redefining how we relate to our computers through furniture is very complicated. We have tested and tried to take into account the wide ranging physical differences between people and how they want to interact with their computer. So things like height, weight, portability, etc. are important for you to know and consider. Here are technical specifications of the Altwork Station. Let us know if you have questions through our contact form.

What is included?



  • Palm rests
  • VESA mount for standard monitor
  • Mac or PC developer magnet set to affix keyboard, mouse, tablets to desk
  • Electronics cabinet to protect electrical components under seat and serve as platform for laptop
  • User manual

Dimensions and adjustments


34″ wide x 55″ long
(upright seated, leg rest extended)
Length extends to 72″ when
fully reclined



How big is it?

Encompasses 18 square feet of space.

Rolls through a standard 32″ opening.

When rolling, rotate the desk 90° from the normal
sitting position and it will fit through a 32″ opening.


Without monitors and laptops, the workstation weighs 210 lbs.
(With typical monitors, etc., about 250 lbs.)


Who does it fit?

The Altwork Station works for the vast majority of people.
HEIGHT: Our recommended minimum and maximum height range is 5’1″ to 6’4″.
WEIGHT: The Altwork Station is rated for a 250 pound user.
We’re working on moving this number higher.

If you fall outside of these height or weight ranges, it would be best to contact us at (707) 247-8942. The human body has so many variables, for example one 6’4″ person may have a longer torso or longer legs than another 6’4″ person, so the adjustments would be different. The Altwork Station is very flexible and almost everyone has enjoyed working in it.


Other measurements


Altwork Station Features

  • Integrated monitor, desk, and chair that moves with your body to create an amazingly comfortable and productive workstation
  • Four productivity positions—sit, stand, collaborate, and focus (reclining where your computer moves with you)
  • Requires just 18 square feet, much less than a desk and chair in a traditional office
  • The monitor maintains a consistent distance from your eyes and the desk maintains a consistent distance from your hands
  • Rotate your screen to share with colleagues or friends next to you, even from your preferred focus position
  • 4 seated or focus and 1 standing desk memory positions, totally customizable—change at the push of a button
  • In the standing collaboration mode you can hold meetings on the fly without the hassle of finding a conference room
  • The workstation is on casters so it’s easy to move and take advantage of open office environments. Just unlock the casters, unplug a single power cable, and move
  • An electronics tray allows you to power all your peripherals without the mess of cables all over the place–this way your Altwork Station is always aesthetically clean, elegant, and movable


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