Medical Necessity

Customers have had success in receiving full or partial coverage for a purchase of an Altwork Station through insurance. Several of the Disability carriers include a full or partial benefit to pay for assistive devices, especially as part of a reasonable accommodation request. Also, Workers’ Compensation carriers can provide a benefit as part of a Stay-at-Work or Return-to-Work plan. Even if you do not have an active disability or workers’ compensation claim, if your physician has or will document your disability status, you have the opportunity to submit a reasonable accommodation request with your Human Resources representative.

The key is for your physician to document that, in order for you to stay at work or return to work, your work restrictions require a workstation that accommodates full flexibility in the headrest, backrest and leg rest adjustment, including the ability to lie flat if needed. If you need additional information to support your claim, feel free to contact us or connect us with your claims manager. We are happy to support you and we prioritize customers who are managing injuries and disabilities, as we take great pride in the impact Altwork has had on individuals who are eager to stay at or return to work.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

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Medical Needs Customer Testimonials

Everyone that I worked with, from the Corporation to the installers, were extremely attentive to my particular needs, professional, and efficient. The work station itself has made all the difference in making my work day less painful. I would highly recommend it for anyone who suffers from any type of paralysis or muscular/skeletal issues.

– Sherri R.

I have suffered for years with neck issues, and it would limit the amount of work I could do in a day. With my Altwork chair I never want to leave work, I LOVE IT. I can work 12 hours straight and still be really comfortable. This chair is gonna take my company to 15 mil in rev this year no question this chair is a GAME CHANGER!

– Tim A.

I suffered a lumbar disc tear and the Altwork station was critical in my recovery. I was able to avoid surgery partly due to the fact that I could continue to work on a daily basis without loading my lower back.

– Scott B.

I broke my leg and with the Altwork unit in my office, I am able to work at my computer for hours if needed, without issues. My favorite setting is only slightly reclined with my legs up. It's been wonderfully helpful during my healing process and easier on my back in general. I couldn't be happier with the purchase.

– Brandy S.

I have had my Altwork Station for about six months now. It has functioned flawlessly, and I have been able to be very productive with my work. The back, hip, and sciatica pain I was experiencing working in a seated position have almost entirely resolved. Thank you, Altwork!

– Jim W.

My entire back and shoulders used to hurt by the end of my work day. I was living on Advil. My Altworks desk relieves the pain as soon as I position it. It allows me to work those necessary extra hours. I absolutely love the desk. No regrets at all.

– Jennifer K.


The Signature Station is now at work in homes and offices around the world.

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