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Altwork Station Dealer / Distributor Inquiry Form

We are in the process of developing North American and International Altwork dealer/distributor networks.

Dealers and distributors will play an important role in our organization as we grow.

We are looking for partners who will provide Altwork customers with the highest level of value and service.

We define value as a combination of performance, innovation, outstanding support, and professional integrity.

If you are interested in exploring a dealer/distributor relationship, please complete the form below and we will be in contact.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Altwork Station dealer.

1. Contact Information:

2. How did you hear about Altwork?

3. How many employees in company?

4. What geographic areas served?

5. Do you require exclusivity?

6. Can you provide first level customer support?

7. Can you provide shipping and installation services?

8. Can you assist with customs regulations? (international only)

9. What related lines do you carry?

10. Will you help promote Altwork Station?

11. Do you have a showroom?

12. Questions or comments?