The new way to work is the new way to win.

Change the way you game.

Serious gamers don’t play – they win. When true gamers are equipped with an Altwork Station, you can be more comfortable to focus on intense gaming action to extend your most lethal weapon – you. Altwork is more than a workstation, and more than a common gaming chair. At the command of talented gamers, the Altwork Station lets you sit, stand, or lie back in zero gravity all at the push of a button — whether you’re developing a game, or gaming as a stress buster.

If you’re going to stay on the attack hours at a time, you’re fighting a war on two fronts: between on-screen opponents and off-screen body discomfort. If your body isn’t comfortable, your mind can’t be as sharp as it needs to be against top competition. In the right hands, the Altwork Station can help reduce the physical toll of repetitive quick-twitch movements or the crummy ergonomic posture you can sink into when immersed in your favorite games.

Now is the time to re-write rules of how your body works with video games—on your terms.

Now is the time to re-write the rules on how your body works with games — on your terms. The Altwork Station allows you to achieve nearly unlimited body positions with its precision adjustment capabilities (no in-game purchases required). The Altwork Station was designed for high-intensity computer users – i.e., high-intensity gamers like you.

By enabling your computer or console gaming system to move with you, Altwork redefines the standard for high intensity gaming rigs. If you believe bodily comfort translates to greater focus and precision, particularly when it comes to fine mouse and keyboard movements – then the Altwork Station translates to winning.

Win While You Work, or Work After You Win.

At Altwork, we’ve been secretly testing our workstation in stealth mode for almost three years before our launch in October of 2015. Hundreds of software developers, gamers, CAD pros, animators, and more raved about how the Altwork Station could make them more productive when it comes to conquering complex tasks for extended periods of time. Because we listen to our customers, we also learned high intensity computer users are often high intensity gamers – so here’s our thinking.

IF: In the workplace: Increased comfort and health = increased creativity and focus, which = more productivity and physical longevity.

THEN: In gaming: Increased comfort and health = increased creativity and focus, which = more wins and more fun.

Platform Agnostic.

We’re here for all gamers. Whether you’re a PC or console gamer (or both). Because the Altwork Station features a metal substrate and ships with a set of modifiable magnets, you can attach almost anything to the desktop, including specialized gaming mice, mechanical keyboards, webcams, and more – so, your favorite tools are always at your fingertips.


Minimal Design. Maximum Customization.

The Altwork Station’s modern design looks good in any office or home setting, and its small physical footprint provides a wealth of flexibility when it comes to where and how you use it. Because our Signature Series allows you to customize the workstation with your choice of upholstery color, desk color, frame color, and desk finish – you can be sure your Altwork Station works with any décor.


An All-in-One Command Center.

Maximize your situational awareness with up to four monitors and a handy hanger for your headphones (the headphone accessory will be available later). Our side table can elegantly hold your gaming desktop or tower as well as beverages and snacks for your late night gaming sessions. Plus, everything is self contained on a movable platform, so if you want to move your entire gaming rig, simply unplug one power cord, unlock the casters with a tap of your foot, and move on to the setting of your next victory.